About Us


Get the facts!

  • 100% Canadian Company
  • We use the best energy saving materials
  • All our installers have completed a minimum 1000 hours certification
  • Our products are manufactured here in Canada and undergo extensive testing for quality
  • Whatever your design requirements are, we can make it happen!

Window Seal West has been serving its clients Canada-wide for over 10 years. Our strong attention on product quality has always played an important role in reaching out to as many home owners. Window Seal West windows are created with exceptional precision and accuracy to provide its clients with a lasting and cost-effective satisfaction. We invest in the latest technology to make sure the windows are energy efficient, durable and conveniently constructed. Our clients can choose from a variety of styles and finishes to fulfill the desired look of their home.

Our material is carefully selected from the finest compound suppliers in North America. The use of vinyl delivers you major energy savings all year around – both winter and summer. (The polyvinyl chloride material found in vinyl helps prevent cold air from coming through). This also means you can now avoid the stress of peeling, cracking, or discoloring windows. Our low-emissivity glass (Low- E) helps reflect heat back into the room preventing the loss of solar energy. Window Seal West Windows are also able to combat all levels of unwanted noise and environmental pollution. Additionally, the extra sturdy security locks help prevent break and entries and keep you feeling safer.

At Window Seal West, it is our priority to make sure that our products are correctly installed and appear to look their best. Our team of trusted, professional installers are trained to treat each job with great care and attention to detail. They will ensure that everything is operational and clean upon completion. The old products and installation debris are also removed from your home at no cost.

We sincerely thank you for your time and consideration as this is an investment that will keep your mind at ease in the long years to come!