Amplify Your Living Space With
Bay & Bow Windows

Are you looking for a window style that will give your neighbours something to envy while enhancing the value of your home? Deliver all that plus a touch of sophistication with bow or bay-style windows.

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Give Your Home a Dynamic Design With Bay & Bow Windows

When helping customers select the right windows in Calgary, we often recommend bay and bow-style windows for maximum light exposure and panoramic views. The right design will enhance the value of your home while improving the appearance of your property inside and out. This window style is the perfect pick if you want to bring your outdoor environment into your living space even without opening a window.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Ventilation
  • Outstanding Luminosity
  • Added Space
  • Energy Efficient


Bay & Bow Windows For Every Home

Bay windows can enhance your floor space and transform your interior design for a brand new look on the inside and out. These large windows let in more light and can open up a small room so that it feels more spacious. Many Calgary residents upgrade to a bay design because they want a more decorative style that adds interest to the home and elevates the perceived value. Bow windows can maximize those benefits because they have four or five glass panels rather than the standard three that are incorporated into bay-style windows.

If you’re ready for a home improvement project that will positively impact the value and appearance of your home, talk to our professionals about bay and bow window installations and upgrades. We look forward to helping you transform your home.

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