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Super Spacer®

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Protect your family and your home against window condensation by choosing Health Smart Windows® made with Super Spacer® high performance glass.

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The Problem

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Many of today’s energy efficient windows offer glass packages with “warm edge technology.” The problem is that highly conductive metal-based insulating glass spacers are often used in these new windows.

A new window can lose up to 50% of its overall stated R-value with a metal based spacer at the edge of the glass.
R stands for the “resistance” of the transfer of heat or cold through a solid object. So, a higher R-value means better insulation against heating and cooling loss.

The edge of the insulating glass is the most vulnerable to heating and cooling loss. This usually leads to condensation. It’s a problem that looks unsightly, and over time, it will stain wood, peel paint and rot frames.
Not only that, but window condensation can contribute to mold growth, a sinister presence hidden from sight deep inside window and wall openings.

In fact, visible mold can often be found in poorly insulated or installed windows. Mold is more and more being linked to child asthma plus increases in general respiratory illness, allergies and outbreaks of fungal diseases.

Condensation can contribute to mold growth.

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The Solution

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Keep moisture off the glass with the warmest inside surface temperatures possible.

The primary window condensation culprit is its insulating glass spacer. Traditional metal spacers can conduct heat and cold—causing condensation at the edge of the glass.

Convection currents further concentrate cold air along the bottom edge of glass making that area the most vulnerable.
Only a warmer edge all the way around will strike at the heart of the problem.

The world’s only TrueWARM® edge occurs with Super Spacer®, an insulating foam spacer whose use helps reduce condensation and allows for comfortable household humidity levels. That’s the Health Smart Windows® advantage.

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Keep moisture off the glass.

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The Product

Warm edge technology is more than just a low-conductive product that helps make windows more thermally efficient. The warm edge spacer is the actual seal that keeps the glass package in windows from failing.
There are two types of insulating glass systems on the market today: single seal and dual seal systems. Single seal units are constructed of only one type of sealant, which is called upon to perform double-duty. Not only must the sealant retard the infiltration of moisture vapor, but it must also hold the unit together under a wide variety of both high and low temperatures while withstanding the effects of high humidity and ultraviolet exposure.

A dual-seal unit is constructed using a combination of a sealant that functions mainly as a high-strength adhesive and a second sealant, which is used primarily as a moisture vapor seal. Super Spacer® is a dual seal insulating glass system. This NO-Metal, structural foam spacer system clearly resists condensation, reduces energy costs, provides long-life durability and adds both comfort and value to your windows.

Protect your most precious posessions— choose Health Smart Windows for your home and family.

Super Spacer… the winning choice for the
industry’s most durable insulating glass units.

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Super Spacer® nXt is a flexible, hybrid foam spacer product that provides excellent perimeter insulation for sealed glazing units. Desiccant-filled with pre-applied side adhesive, the structural foam spacer product significantly simplifies insulating glass production. Featuring an integral barrier, the product mustbe used in combination with conventional hot melt butylIG sealant. Dual seal equivalent sealants may also be used. Super Spacer nXt shall not be used with polyurethane, silicone or polysulfide sealants.

Product Features
Warm-Edge Benefits
Hybrid foam insulation; low thermal conductivity; substantially reduced perimeter condensation; typical overall 0.03 U-value (0.2 K-value) window improvement.

Hybrid Foam Features
Good UV resistance; good high/low temperature performance; good dew-point drop; enhanced sound dampening.

Reverse Dual-Seal Design
Outer hot-melt butyl sealant for long-term moisture durability and gas retention; inner structural acrylic side adhesive; immediate unit handling and shipping; no cold flow or spacer/seal migration problems.

Edge-Seal Durability
No chemical fogging; high desiccant capacity.

Improved Productivity
Fast spacer application; elimination of desiccant filling; no corner key assembly; simplified production of shaped units; limited equipment investment; high-volume production with reduced labor force.

Pleasing Aesthetic Appearance
Good color stability; smooth consistent surface finish; no surface blistering or bubbling; straight line application with sharp 90° corners.

Spacer Sizes
Super Spacer nXt is available in a standard 3/16” (5mm) thickness and a full range of spacer widths from 1/4” (6.5mm) to 3/4” (19mm).

Continuous Packaged Length
For regular insulating-glass production, Super Spacer nXt is supplied on reels with the continuous packaged length varying depending on the spacer width.

Standard Colors
The standard colors are black, charcoal grey, and light grey.

Desiccant Systems
Over 40% by weight is 3A desiccant material.

Protective Packaging
To provide desiccant protection, the reels are sealed in moisture-proof foil bags and then packaged in high-density polyethylene bags.These double-packaged reels are then shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes.