Service Guide

Your Installation Service Guide Explained

Having Window Problems?

Even the smallest cracks or leakage can be a problem for your window. These problems are often progressive and leave you with a heftier bill when left unresolved. Don’t waste your energy or time and rest easy knowing, we have some of the best warranties offered in the industry.  

Call Our Expert Team

Call our team to discuss your window servicing needs. Let the experts at Window Seal West be the first to help guide you. Don’t leave your window problems to fester, we are a prompt and efficient window servicing company that works around your schedule.  Contact us today (403) 774-7202

We Assess The Details

Our representatives want to gather as much information as possible in order to service your window needs better. We note all calls, even if things are resolved, for future reference. Our records help our team understand your previous and future service needs, helping us keep you covered. 

Potential Source Of Your Problems

Window Condensation

Window condensation doesn’t only leave you with a foggy view. It is a potential health hazard, allowing wood foundations to create mold.


The most common issues for windows start with a poor installation. This occurs when corners are cut and installation quality is compromised.


Physical issues with your windows are usually the result of product defects. You shouldn’t have to compromise quality for price. Let us help! 

Document Your Findings

We want to make sure we have all the resources we need before our team visits your home or workplace. This helps us better understand the problem, know how to tackle it and be fully prepared to exceed our clients expectations. Just a few pictures will help but don’t forget to add context!

We Provide A Solution

We ensure supervisors, installers, and other team members are involved to help find the most suitable solution for your windows. We don’t only want our solutions to fix the problem but to create preventative solutions for years to come. This includes our amazing warranty!

Set It In Stone

Or maybe another foundation. We provide an installation date to service your windows that works with your schedule. If you need emergency service, we can do our best to help accommodate. If anything needs to be changed, just give us a call and let us know.

We Are At Your Service

We arrive on time to your home or workplace and begin working immediately. We set-up our space without compromising yours. Once installation is finished, we complete the service with a thorough clean-up. Our final inspection of the work is performed by a supervisor to ensure quality and performance.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We leave you knowing you are satisfied, guaranteed! Our work is performed without compromising price for quality. We emphasize this by offering the best warranty in the industry so you are protected for the years to come.

Upgrade Your Windows

At Window Seal West, we believe exceptional quality shouldn’t come with a heavy price tag.