Inspection of Completion

Inspection of Completion

Our team of installers will arrive at your home at the scheduled installation time. You will recognize them by the company logo on their vehicle. After introducing themselves and responding to possible questions, they will ask for parking permission on your driveway. If possible, it is best advised to free the surrounding area of other vehicles for a safe installation.

Before starting to proceed, the installers will make sure that the work area is well protected and properly covered to prevent any type of damage. Usually clean blankets are placed to cover all floors and the surrounding furniture around the renovation area. (However if possible, it is advisable to move the furniture away from the renovation area for easier work access).The installers will also wear disposable cover over their boots while entering your home.

The installers will work from upper level of your home and move downwards. Depending on the complexity and length of the installation, the estimated working time is usually 2-3 days. The team of assigned installers will have a team leader who will be responsible for the smooth operation and completion of your installation. The leader will be the best person to speak with regarding your questions or concerns.

Calgary-windows-inspectionOnce the installation is complete, the leader will run you through a presentation on how to operate your new windows or doors and make sure everything is clean upon completion. A work satisfactory slip and all other necessary paperwork will get filled out at the end. The old products with the installation debris will be removed from your home at no cost.

Thank you for considering Window Seal West windows! We wish you a pleasant installation and always look forward to working with you!